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Chemrock International Network (CIN) is a leading indenting house in Pakistan, dealing in an incredibly broad and diversified variety of Specialty Chemicals for vast range of industries that include Food, Pharmaceutical, Health and Personal Care, Paint and Coating, Tyre and Rubber, Water Treatment and Poultry Feed.

We are representing several renowned chemical manufacturers around the world as their exclusive sole agents in Pakistan.

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Modern Indenting and sourcing company offering on time fastest services our clients.


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Delivering what we promise, with integrity. We value long term relationships over short term gain.


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Transforming distribution and marketing with key capabilities in customer insight and analytics.


We have more than
ten years of experience

We also attribute our fast track rise to the level of experience our company employees have brought to the business and the cordial working relations we have established with producers, users and distributers.

Chemrock International extensively handles every step of the transaction and shipment process to eliminate the hassle and frustration typically experienced by the buyers and suppliers. We align suppliers and buyers and then take maximum measures to fulfill the transactions smoothly and satisfactorily.


We have more than
ten years of experience

We value our customers’ relationship more than any other aspect of our business. We know that our continued growth and success will be determined by their level of satisfaction. We believe in strengthening our long-standing relationships and building new ones. Today we enjoy sound working relationships with over 500 commercial partners in Pakistan and worldwide with a network spanning more than 30 countries.

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